Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sketching, women's portraits...

I've rediscovered drawing with prismacolor pencils.  My most favorite is tuscan red.    I like the Col-erase pencils because they do erase but leave a ghosted dyed color cast to the paper after you erase your lines. 


Playing with the notion that sometimes I'm not out in the open with what my art is about.  Many years ago when I got my tattoo I asked for it to be the size of a band-aid.  Knowing full well that I would want to hide it on some occasions. This is the conservative side of me always hiding a little.  So the fictitious notion of a head tattooed and shaved and a hat that conveniently when lowered conceals the fact that I make a certain type of art, art that is not always palatable to everyone (my family and my conservative friends). Bottom line I like making art that isn't always sweet and pretty.

Winsor Newton Series 7

Playing with exaggerated portraiture of women.  Fascinated with hairstyles lately. Also realizing I am still relying on my Winsor Newton Series 7 brush from the 1970s.  There brushes have changed and the new Series 7 are not the same quality brushes as before.

The Petticoat...

It's a wonder women were motivated at all to change the world in the 1950s and 60s, when feminine undergarments were some of the most elaborate things in their lives.  I remember the importance of the petticoat in the 1960s.  Some of you don't remember those times because it was so long ago.  But in my household women were not encouraged to be good at Math or Science.  There was on emphasis on majoring in home economics (sewing, cooking and other domestic activities).  I remember sleeping in tight rollers with plastic spikes and wanting the most generous half slips I could find. I never knew that this would factor into my art but more and more I look back on that time.  What was my brain thinking!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514)

Illustration from the Nuremberg Chronicle, by Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514)

Experimenting with Smart Plates...

I ordered some "Sharpie" brand pencils.  They seem to work okay on smart plates if I fuse them in the oven for a few minutes at 250 degrees.  Still need to try to do a larger edition (20-30 prints) before I would call them "tried and true".


I'm having fun sketching these bizarre women.  I think hair has always been a way for humans to express their individuality.

Jim Nutt! Marisol Escobar!!!!!!

One of many amazing contemporary works showing from the permanent collection at Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis.  Along with an amazing show of Marisol Escobar's sculpture, drawings and lithographs.
This piece called "The Family" was commissioned by Brooks in the 1970s!
A large sculpture of John Wayne.  Much better in person!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sketching for upcoming portfolios...

I'm trying to prepare for 7 upcoming portfolios....gonna' be a busy year for me. Printing today and plan to do more sketching tonight. Have to calendar my paper. 

Started playing with ball-grain plates.  I really liked what we did when we did the College of the Sequoia's Workshop this summer.  I never really appreciated ball-grain plates until then.Going to try to do a second color with a counter etch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lithography in Mexico (Oaxaca at the Taller Tamayo)

We had so much fun teaching lithography in Mexico at the Taller Tamayo. I drew on marble for the  first time.  The etches were really tricky but we chased after it with gum arabic.  You had to be there to understand why marble is so different from  the Bavarian limestone. The good news is we learned a whole lot about new processes in lithography.  Maestro Abraham showed us many things that we had never seen done in lithography.  Apparently because supplies for printmaking are more difficult to acquire in Mexico, they have neen forced to be more resourceful. So there were several substitutions for processes.

We had a lot of fun working with the students and they produced some great work. The food was incredible and the historical culture was amazing. We're hoping to teach there again next year.

Thought my clay hand-painted skull from Oaxaca matched this small chest from India perfectly.

Woman in Grocery Store

I saw a woman with no eyebrows and this gigantic pompadour hairstyle.  Her hair was blue black.
She was with her boy friend.

Grumpy Woman

More sketching...

I've been thinking about a series of small prints of women's head along with all my symbols. They would be the perfect size for our new little 9"x12" gray litho stone.


Sketching a lot lately.  I have 7 portfolios due before next year.

Have started using ball grain plates.  Not quite sure about my etches but so far they have printed well for me.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

"The Fireman's Daughters"

lithograph, Kathryn Polk
Small (21 prints, 6 colors) edition I printed during my stay in Visalia, California at College of the Sequoias with P and the Stoners.

New Gray Litho Stone...

Just bought this sweet stone during my trip to COS, Visalia, California. SCORE!!!!

Back Home and Going Through Oaxaca Treasures...

Obviously, I fell in love with the color in Mexico.  Just got back from California trip and these goodies were waiting for me on the table.  Only had a couple of days to unpack from the Mexico trip before leaving for College of the Sequoias. rest a day and then back to printing!!!  6 portfolios to get to work on.

New/Old Litho Stones purchased by College of the Sequoias

jesus, Richard, Kevin and Anna taking stone inventory at the COS print studio.

General Grant Giant Sequoia

Short Day trip to the Sequoia National Forest (mid-week COS Workshop)

The Havana Club

Hanging out in front of Hotel Isabel in Mexico City.  Lithography in Mexico 2014.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snake 8 Banner

Icon: litho detail

Spilt Milk

Icon: litho detail

Broken Scissors

Icon, litho detail

Rough sketch for new portfolio...

Need to grain my stone and get this print going.  May print the twice, once with GC Shop mix #2244 and later with a light warm gray tintbase ink.  Maybe some spot color to follow.

Friday, March 21, 2014

NIU Visitng Artist...

This is the final print made during my visit to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. Walking around campus in below freezing weather was hard on my Southwestern blood.

More master printers, Michael Barnes and Ashley Nason (wow, wow, wow!!!!).  They both make fascinating narrative prints that I have admired for years.

Michael's prints are quite humorous and dark (just my cup of tea).  He's so prolific, too.  Someone to admire for his insatiable drive to make work. Great litho techniques (the European roll, etc). 

Ashley's work is so luminous and eerie.  It glows with mystery all the things I'm attracted to in art.
She comes up with such fascinating compositions and landscapes.
I could see firsthand how the students really benefit from these two mentors.  Great student work (both grad and undergrad level).

Print Matrix at University of Dallas...

My litho that the students printed at University of Dallas.
This is Juergen Strunck in action as a visiting artist at the University of North Texas
I had the privilege of working with Juergen Strunck (a world-renowned master printer) and his team of grad and a few undergrad students at The University of Dallas.  This is an annual event called Print Matrix and I was honored to be invited by artist Coco Rico who recently had her MFA thesis exhibit. A great lithographer in her own right. Check out her work.

New Print


This is the lithograph I made during my visiting artist trip to TAMUCC in Corpus Christi.  So much fun. Plus, a one-person show at the Weil Gallery, thanks to Dr. Petican curator and Ryan O'Malley for inviting me.  

Ryan O'Malley is a printmaker/guru extraordinaire. He makes beautiful mezzotints, etchings, relief prints and lithographs all equally well.

High high energy. Both grad and undergrads were so talented.  Work examples were hanging up everywhere, a very high energy shop overall, great vibes.

One of Ryan's wonderful wild protraits.

Strange woman sketch...

Plan to make a polyester plate of this line drawing today.  May hand-tint some of these before SGC.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sketching for new portfolios...

The theme of this portfolio is dealing with "Trash" as a theme.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's been so long since I've posted.  February was a hectic month for me.  This is a print I recently finished for a portfolio curated by Sylvia Taylor and the Cork printmakers. "Deception & Sacrifice: The Lion, Bear & the Fox".  Working on a new one title "Body of Christ", a portfolio curated by Ricardo Duiz from Corpus Christi.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Mommy and Daddy Wear the Same Size" lithograph

Sorry about the bad photo but in a hurry.  Packed up 26 pieces for a show in Dallas and shipped this afternoon, hurah!!!!
This is the last print I did.  It's based on a stylized painting by Joe Coleman called "Mommy and Daddy".  I wanted to "switch it up" by indicating Mommy and Daddy cross-dressing.  It's six colors using Hanco #1075 tint base and Daniel Smith litho inks.  The color on my pic looks a bit dull here.  The theme of the portfolio is called "Gender Biased".  I'm really trying to point out that society and the media have been brainwashing people into stereotypical roles for hundreds of years.  How strange it is that men and women's clothing in the white collar work place has evolved to limit gender to very specific types of "acceptable" appearance.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Our dog Sydney an Aussie/Coyote mix died yesterday.  She would hang out in the studio as we printed.  This is a photo of a litho I did a while ago.  The title was "Bow Now", she was the alpha and had a personality bigger than anyone in the room.  She will be missed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Visiting Artist edition at OU (Athens, Ohio)

"Rising from the Ashes", stone and plate lithography
Just returned from Athens, Ohio where I was invited to be a visiting artist at OU for the last week in October.  Incredible place, the students, faculty and the facilities were excellent.  Plus, it was Halloween season and there were lots of parties. Apparently Athens is the capitol of Halloween celebrations. Work hard play hard, my kinda place.
In addition to the talented students I got to hang out with two of the country's best master printers, Karla Hackenmiller and Art Werger.  Felt like I needed to step up my game around such great ones.  Their students were so talented in their own right as well as amazing to help print this 6 color edition in 4 days.  Two of those days we printed 2 colors.  We stripped the prints between runs and did a "dry wet" sponge on our last rolls.  Big kudos to Ohio University printmakers, had a blast and feel great about the work we did together.

"Crossing Paths", portfolio Exchange

This is a print that I finished about a month ago.  It was for a portfolio "Crossing Paths" curated by Melanie Yazzie.  The title of my print is "Double Cross".  I did a double bump of the "key" stone drawing.  The first printing was black and the second was a dark tan tint base.  Michael Barnes does this a lot with his lithos (very successfully I might add but he is a genius).  I love the effect but probably should use Pin registration next time to insure accuracy in registration.  The T-Bar isn't quite "spot on".

New Stone Drawing

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I misplaced my quick camera (just found it near the printer under a pile of stuff).  Starting a new stone drawing for a small edition of 25 prints.  The theme of the portfolio exchange is about "Sex and Gender".  Hope to finish my drawing and etch it tonight then print Thursday.  Busy, busy, busy.  Need to order grit and Korn's crayons today.

Even though my subject is about cross-dressing genders, I must say after I was well into this drawing I saw a BIG influence from Joe Coleman's painting, "Mommy Daddy" (see above).  Think it was lurking in my head all along.  Well, here's homage to Joe Coleman, I've always loved Outsider Art.

Still shipping out portfolios on top of everything.  Will be great to get my studio back. The retrofitting of old boxes takes a long time and the boxes don't look very safe to ship. So I finally broke down and ordered better boxes to ship "The Hidden Room" portfolios along with bubble pack.  This should make the remaining shipping go faster.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mary Jones!!!!!!!

I've loved Mary Jones work since I first met her at Indiana University in 1973.  She was in grad school.  The innocent spirit of her drawings has always touched my heart.

Here is a statement from her website. Mary Jones Art

It starts with a figure, cartooned and malleable. This body is mired in the landscape of the mind. I live in a body but believe in the mind.The mind's eye might not be the most immanent of truths, yet it is free to associate and unbound by time.Magic happens there. A set of personal symbols, with meanings free-floating, has evolved over time.

I am a schooled artist drawn to the work of outsiders for the immediacy, and for the lyrical quality found in the lines. Many of my pieces are done ex-voto.

Paul Klee is an inspiration. So are sequential narratives of all sorts- illuminated manuscripts and comics.

It started with drawing, but I didn't learn to see until I started taking pictures long ago with a very manual camera. I still see in black and white. As with most printmakers, I don't mind process, old (letterpress) and new (photoshop!) and all mixed up. Drawing still comes first.