Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This print is for an exchange with 10 Korean printmakers and 10 US printmakers (organized by Melanie Yazzie). The deadline for this portfolio is Jan 10th. I plan to print 3 more colors next week.

I'm quite sure that I have left out many steps but at least this is a glimpse into my process. Before I stop printing I print on a piece of clear mylar. I talc it to stabilized the ink. I will use this to help when registering my other colors. I printed 36 prints and placed them in a drying rack. My next step is to watercolor a proof to see where I want color. Printing done, clean up. We recycle a lot at L VIS Press. We save slightly soiled paper towels to clean the ink slab. We also use less toxic cleaners. Soysolve (sp?) is the grease cutter that cleans the slab and last step is to clean with a 50/50 water vinegar spritz. Now Sydney and Phil can get their walk.

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