Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart in Hand

Never found the time to print my valentine heart image before Feb 14th. Oh well...

A love help tell it I revamped an old painting (2002), "Non-Indigenous Woman Serving Time". This painting was about "paying dues", working hard to get somewhere, even though it was in marketing (not waitressing, however, I did waitress for one day when I was in college, that job lasted 2 hours, since then I have always given my food-servers giant tips out of empathy). I often felt like I was "serving others not myself" working in business all those years. I would arrange my business trips to have an extra day to visit all of the art galleries and museums I could fit in. The good news is that now I'm doing what I should have done all along...24/7 ART and I LOVE it.

morning (early for me that is, 8 am) finalized drawings on 2 mylar film positives to expose for photo litho plates. Decided to add 5 colors to the new print for the "Ink for Ink" portfolio (organized by Joseph Valesquez, he was sweet enough to give me an extra week, whew!).


betsy best-spadaro said...

dear non-indigenous woman, your energy and productivity both impress and humble me. i love your love story.

Non-Indigenous Woman said...

Thank you Betsy, I can tell by the sketches on your blog that you're quite facile and very clever with imagery.