Thursday, April 29, 2010

"I Never Dreamed of the Desert"

Finished my lithograph, signed my edition...will ship out tomorrow.  Ended up doing 4 colors.  I've been trying to follow the style of the old Dick and Jane illustrations.  I have always loved the look of offset lithography from the 1950s.  Start on my next print tomorrow, it will be a similar style.  Also covering "A's" classes (lithography and watercolor) this week while he's in Illinois. My hat's off to all who teach.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Painting...

Needed to get a small painting ready for an upcoming show.  You could call this a "back up".   I will print my second print tomorrow.  If I have the energy I will do another painting.  Haven't painted for a while so be kind.  Not my forte so to speak.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Print in Progress...

My blog helps me procrastinate... I'm getting ready to print the key color for this small edition of 25. It will take me about 3 hours hopefully if all goes well.  I've nicknamed this stone "Cheesy" because of its wedge shape.  It's a yellow stone and it was a bear to grain.  The last image ghost kept reappearing.  I tried a hot etch around the perimeter to try to keep it from gaining ink during printing.  The red oxide lines are the perimeter of the paper edge.  Wish me luck.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

IT GROWS WILD!  I love Spring in the desert. However, neither of us has the time to work outside.  The garden has been left to fend for itself.  The fruit trees are filled with flowers and the bees are back.  Have I ever mentioned that I love the bees?    Meanwhile I am tearing my paper for the next two editions.  I always try to double up when possible.  Instead of graining one stone I'll grain three.  Instead of tearing and registering paper for one edition I'll do two sets.  We had lunch on the porch today.  Lovely weather right now.

Even Artists Must File Their Taxes...

This now clean table once was the home of our 2009 taxes, receipts, and every piece of paper work you could imagine.  Hard to believe that in the middle of making art you still have to do the pesky day to day chores such as filing your tax return, getting your car inspected, buying groceries, that is unless you are a "Picasso" who has a staff to do it for me a dreamer.  Just glad to get the table back.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"I Never Dreamed of the Desert"

Here's the sketch I've chosen for my next print.  It will be an odd size.  8" X 20" (20 prints in the edition).  

"A" has left for Washington, so that means I'll be printing alone this week.

Yes, I'm definitely procrastinating.  Don't want to grain the large stone, so will improvise printing on a small one.

NIW sketch...

Large format sketchbook, using watercolor and graphite.  Need to get started on my print.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sketch for reference to academia...

A rough sketch, trying to create a visual icon for "academia".  I want to design a prototype on a 3-d cad program. Would like to make designs and patterns with the student desks.

"Don't Want a Haircut"...

Sketching some brief vignettes from my earliest experiences as a child...this is the day I decided that I didn't want my hair cut like my sister's (I was 8).   Thinking of this as the subject for my next lithograph. These scissors were part of my art kit, I would cut letters from scraps of felt. Always making art but never thought about my own personal appearance until that day.

Prelimenary sketch for Madonna...

This is one of the alternate sketches I made before I decided on the "Non-Indigenous Madonna and Child" litho.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Final color edition...

This past week was printing every morning.  I printed my 6th color today.  Had to strip my prints, frame my first print (1/20) and deliver to gallery this afternoon.  Tired, not sure if it was worth all the effort.  However, I do believe that every time I print I learn a lot.  

Opening Saturday.

I have 2 new editions due soon (one on May 1 and the other on June 1).  Also need a painting for a small works exhibit (due by May 20th).

Tomorrow will be a "re-grouping " day.  Tired and the studio looks like a bomb went off in Wal-Mart.  Not a pleasant thought.

I've missed the whole blog scene. Gonna check it out tonight.  Hope all are well.