Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Ready for the New Stone...

My messy table in the small book studio, where I work on small stones. Like to prep before I begin drawing. I sharpen all of my litho pencils to a fine point before I start. That way I don't break my momentum to keep sharpening during the drawing process.  Mostly Korns #5 but some #4s, and one or two #3s.
Meanwhile the garden is having a second spring and I'm stuck inside.  This is a glimpse of my art deadlines coming up, mostly prints, one book edition and one painting.  I just added a new edition (large format 30" x40") due in mid-Feb, the edition size is only 15.  I'm covering a friend's print class tomorrow as much as I love working with students, this is a pretty busy time.  Need to get back to my stone drawing...procrastinating : ) as usual. A and I are taking a student artist out to dinner tonight, part of a neat "mentoring" program that the University has set up.

"Lithograph Gone Bad"

Did a sketch of this image a while back (right image).  Yesterday I printed a lithograph (left image) of a modified version in sepia.  This is a good example of why you shouldn't try to redraw some images on the stone. It rolled up too dark after the second etch and I tried some things to fix it.  Fed up with the outcome and in a "knee jerk" reaction I took the stone outside and grained off the image so that I wouldn't be tempted to print it and waste 35 sheets of arches.  "If at first you don't succeed grain, grain, grain again"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Figure...

Well, I didn't make it to the open studio.  This is a small figure drawing from last year.  Forgive me for posting old work. BUT, the good news is that I did draw on the stone.  I integrated a Korn's #4 into the darker details of the stone drawing.  The Copal #5 was taking forever.   I am on the home stretch.  Today I do what I call "sweetening" the drawing.  Minor details and final touches, clean up.  I think this blog is a distraction, but the clock is ticking and I must finish today or else.  Does anyone else have trouble going into the studio?  I also need to grain 2 more stones, double argh!   Going to get some coffee... forgive my incessant whining. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Stone is Waiting...

I hate the "p" word, procrastinating.  My stone drawing is not finished but I am bored with it.  I have to get it done so that I can use this stone for the next edition.  I'm placing these figure drawings on my blog because I feel I need a break from my litho.  There is a 3 hour figure drawing open studio (starts in an hour) located downtown.   It will probably zap my energy if I go.  Debating...The morning weather is heavenly.  I can feel Fall.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Open Studio

Just used this drawing for a demo with a visiting artist.  Need to get back to the drawing studio.  Haven't drawn the figure for about a year.  Covering Andy's classes next week. 

Work in Progress, "Landscape of Chaos"

The weather is turning.  I love this time outside but unfortunately I'm buried in the studio. "All Work and No Play" is making me a dull person.
Just accepted a new portfolio due in February for 30" x 40" format.  Love the big format but our print shop only prints as large as 36" so I need to figure out another place to print.  Maybe another University with larger stones? I am shipping out 2 finished editions today.
Working on my new edition (15"x20"). Transferred the image onto the stone and in the process of drawing with the Korns #5.  They have changed their pencils to sticks (you can see the old peel off next to the stick and holder. need to adjust to the different sharpening.
This drawing is on our new 18" x 24" image-sized stone we bought this past year.  I grained off the old image we think was made in the late 1800s.  It was a map of South America. 
Plan to make 32 prints...might leave this print black and white based on time.  Tore and registered my paper at midnight last night. Based on an email from the portfolio organizer I discovered that my image on the stone is 1" too wide. Think there is too much going on when I start to mess up the sizes.
Need to buy more paper.  I have 3 portfolios due by mid Nov.  Must finish this drawing tonight and etch my stone.  I love that I'll have 13 new editions before 2011 but it might be the hardest thing I've ever done.