Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Printing during the holiday...

 This Thanksgiving week has been packed with events.  We will be having guests but they understand that we will be printing most of the time they are here.  In fact they are expected to help.  It's always fun to print with friends.

This is the first printing for the OU exchange.  Need to add at least 2 more colors.  It's due Dec 7.

I've got to get my book studio clean.  We are going to set up my in-home studios for our visitors in addition to the guest room.

Today I have to transfer my rough sketch onto the stone.  This edition is due Dec 1, plan to print 3 colors.  I need to clear out the boxes (left over from the framed work used in a recent show.   You can see how I've just made due with space.  How could anyone paint in that studio!!  Much less sleep.  Ha, ha!  Aside from all the mess I look forward to visiting with friends during Thanksgiving.   I know that some of my Native American friends don't always appreciate this holiday for valid reasons but for those of you who do celebrate Thanksgiving hope you all have a wonderful one. 
P.S.This is a print that we just finished. To save time Andy and I shared a large stone.  For the final we "tore-down" we separated each print.  Fun to print 2 editions at one time but we had to agree on the second color. It's so funny to see what different styles we have!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reworking of previous B&W Print

This is a detail of a new print finished a couple of weeks ago.  
At a very early age I discovered that making art gave me magical powers. “The Clay Princess Was Kidnapped” is a lithograph based on personal narrative. In the first grade we were given an hour for art. This was always the best part of the day for me but one day something happened, one of my artworks was taken.  Rather than feeling hurt I think it made me feel “wanted”. A strange response perhaps but I knew that I could always make another one.
I try to re-create the drawing style on a stone similar to the old chromolithographs that hung in my family home in the 1950s.
It is a reworked image of an older black and white version that I printed with students during my visit to OU...changed it a bit, flipped the direction, slightly larger paper and added some new iconography.  I used pastel tint-based inks over my black key print.  Wish I had had the time to do this at OU.
Today "A" is helping me print the first color for a portfolio called "State of the States" (will be 5 colors total). We'll print his stone sometime this weekend.  He's still drawing his image.

Friday I'm  printing a second color for a portfolio called "Your Days Are Numbered".  Also sketching ideas for a print portfolio called "Little Monsters" due Dec 1.    Busy with the holidays but do love printing.  Hope everyone is well and making art.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"You'll Never Make a Living Being an Artist"

This is a rough sketch for a small print exchange.   Size is only 8" x 10".  The portfolio theme is "Artmares".  This will be at least 3 colors, one being the "key" drawing on stone and the others on plates.  I am basing it on my insatiable need to make art as a young child. My father was constantly reminding me to learn a skill that I could make a living with, such as learning to type, so that I could be a secretary.  Unfortunately, he would always say you can't make a living doing art.  I still cannot type well to this day.