Thursday, December 30, 2010


I must say that this may be the busiest I have ever been.  I try to keep the sketchbook next to the bed.  Too busy to make "new resolutions" list.  I've been trying to stay on task.  Today I worked on a colophon for a portfolio exchange.  For reasons too complicated to discuss I will need to finish tomorrow.  MUST, "DO OR DIE"!!!!! grain my stone tomorrow for next print.  Took a quick trip with a couple of artists to Tubac.  Found these colorful potholders, "chicks".

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lithograph finished 2 weeks ago for a portfolio called "Little Monsters".  This print is titled "Yellow Jacket in the Land of Canaan" based on post war 1950s in the deep South.  There was an ironing board out almost all of the time during my childhood.  We were given play sets of irons and ironing boards for Christmas. 
Meanwhile, trying to juggle printing, cooking and shopping for gifts, the traffic is a bit overwhelming.  Guess it is a good sign for the economy that people are out spending money.  Finished my second positive photo litho plate the morning.  Hoping to slip in a print day this week.  Need to grain a stone tomorrow.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Working in the Studio

" A" is working on a stone drawing in the background. We're both working on some upcoming deadlines. We have to agree on studio music when we work at the same time. I just finished making a film positive for the blue color on my DPA print.  This will be 6 colors when I am finished.  The image on the left is a black and white print that I watercolored to use as a guide for making my plates.  I leave for the airport in a second to pick up our first group of visitors.  The last one comes late tonight.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finished color litho for "Artmares" portfolio

Two weeks ago I finished this little lithograph.  I kept adding color to try to get it to work better (5 colors).  I think her crown is a funny comparison to the one on the virgin.  When I was young I was always making paper crowns for myself.   I will try to post some more things soon.  Sorry it took me so long to sit still and make an update.  Hope everyone is doing well.  I'm off to do some "SHOPPING" ARGHHHHHHH! "TRAFFIC" ARGHHHHHHH!  Sorry for the "Scroogey" comment...
Haven't touched base for quite some time.  Tis' the season to run errands, go to events, clean house/studio in addition to making art.  Wish I had some pretty pictures to post that reflect this holiday season.  No tree here, yet.  Maybe the picture of the The "Pilgrimage of the Virgin" will come close.  This was a gift from Keith, another artist friend.  He found this "chromolithograph" in a small town in Spain and brought it back to me (he knows I love chromolithographs). It had to have been made in either the late 18oos or early 1900s.