Saturday, February 19, 2011

Large Format Lithograph

This is a close-up of the big stone I'm drawing on this week.  I need to finish it in a couple of days in order to print it and ship it to Wisconsin.  Because the stone is so large I am unable to stand over it without a ladder.  I've been standing up drawing on the stone laying flat on a cart.  Makes it more difficult but this picture helps me to see the overall contrast as well as the reverse appearance.
This is the full image on the stone.  I have gum arabic on the perimeter to prevent crayon from getting on the edge.  I use a piece of clean paper under my hand as I draw.  This keeps the grease from my hand from getting onto the stone.

On top of this deadline I am preparing my taxes.  Yes it's that time again...argh! argh! argh!

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