Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Printing 6th color...

Two colors left to go (blue and tan).

I let the first 4 colors dry for 3 days in the drying rack.

My ink is a combination of Hanco tint base 1075 and a VERY SMALL amount of Handschy imperial blue.  I almost added some thalo to the imperial but opted not at the last minute.  I can always add it later if I don't like it on a color proof.  Setswell helped the consistency of the ink to print better.

Found some Smart plates (you can buy them from Takach). Smart plates are another brand of polyester plates that will accommodate a full sheet (30"x22").  They come in a larger size than Pronto plates (their largest is 18" x 24"). I used a sharpie to draw on my Smart plate.  Using a light table I placed the Smart plate on top of the black-key stone image (printed on mylar a week ago). This plate set up for 24 hours which allows the sharpie to fuse better to the plate, too.

I get my water ready.  For those of you who don't know the process well...I add 1 ounce of gum to a quart of water.  In addition I make a clean-up "soup" of everyday toothpaste and water.  The abrasiveness of the watered down toothpaste helps to clean the plate if it gets over-inked.

This isn't our biggest roller but it's still intimidating to me because I will be sponging at the same time.

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Ea Ejersbo said...

Looking fantastic! That is a lot of work, printing in so many colours and getting just the right balance between them in the finished print.