Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seems like I've been drawing on this forever!!!!!

Seems like i have been drawing on this stone forever, and ever and ever.  This is a detail of the bottom right corner.  Don't forget that all the writing on the stone is backwards before you print it.  The red color is from the red oxide transfer that I used to indicate my pencil rough onto the stone.
I've almost gone through a dozen of Korn's Copal crayons.  I use a small German pencil sharpener it lasts a long time and sharpen the litho crayons to a very sharp point. Didn't work in the studio but have taken over an area of the dining room so that I could keep doing other work in the print studio. 

Another detail of the lower left corner of the stone.
Meanwhile, I've taken my works to get framed for some upcoming shows.  I have to ship one of these prints "do or die" on Monday (overnight to Wisconsin).  We need to collate prints for the DPA litho portfolio.  Thank goodness we've finished filing our taxes.    Most of our refund will be spent on more paper and supplies for the shop.  That's the way it goes.  Going to 2 events tonight., an art auction for the museum and a t-shirt sale for the student print club.    Busy.  Hope everyone is having good printing time.  I will try to get my blog back on schedule after this big print is done.

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