Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to work in the studio (4 color litho)...

Returned to my home studio last weekend after three weeks in Chicago.  Worked with some wonderful interns at Anchor Graphics.  This is one of 3 prints I printed (the black key) during my visit.  Also, learned a lot from their master printers and met some incredible artists.  Think I will title this work "8". It's a very small image that I did to "warm-up" with.  Enjoyed experimenting with textures and my etch.

Printed 3 more colors using tint base ink when I came home.  Had fun printing with three UofA interns.  They were a huge help.  We printed 7 colors in 3 days. 

Will post more work.  Waiting for the large print, it was drying as I left.  Need to start on my next edition (40 prints) due mid August. 

Will try to post more often, meanwhile sketching ideas for new print...
S. helped me give my large stone drawing a second etch.  (SG, see below) helped me print the edition the following day.

The interns at Anchor Graphics were wonderful!  SG(red apron) printed one of my editions for me while I was putting a second etch on another stone.    In this picture she's sponging a Karl Wirsum stone drawing. 


Yazzie Printmaker said...

SO nice to see your stuff again- welcome home and keep posting we have missed you- we= your public!

Wendy Willis said...

I agree with Melanie...welcome back. I can't wait to see your new work.