Thursday, August 25, 2011

New lithograph...

Detail from litho "key" print.
This is the new print I am working on.  It's called "This I Know".  I can't resist doing more ironing visuals (I just can't help
it). I made a watercolor study to help determine where and what color I will print next.   

I was taught many things by my Mother when I was a little girl.  Some things I haven't done since, such as ironing a man's shirt.  I love the metaphor.  The rattlesnake has turned into something of a "banner".  It symbolizes humanities choice to do good or evil.  Something I believe is inherent in us all.  One side of the mother's face has a celtic warrior tattoo.  Amidst all of the mundane daily chores she managed to survive every day.  The second glove with thread symbolizes "her mother" having taught her to survive, too.

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