Monday, September 5, 2011

Okay, so Sunday printing didn't go well.  I followed all of my rules but there seemed to still be a problem.  I bought new Sharpie pens (to make sure the ink was free-flowing), I allowed my inked plate to set overnight.  I added mag and setswell to my ink.  Still, the plate dried immediately as I inked.  I could not sponge my plate fast enough.  With 58 prints this was very tiring. So, I decided to try again the next day.   I think that it might have something to do with this batch of "pronto" plates. They are prone to take ink in the wrong areas too often.  So I switched over to "Smart" plates, another brand of polyester plate.  
Forgot to mention that I left the plate on the light table overnight.  I was hoping that the heat from the light would help to set the sharpie ink onto the plate. The good news is...printing was seamless.  Amazing.  I have decided if I have a choice I will always choose to use "Smart" polyester plates instead of "Pronto".
Tomorrow I'll work on the 4th color plate.  Think I'm going to do the dark blue color (her celtic tattoo) next. 

Outside of printing, the house is a mess and I have to get the car fixed sometime tomorrow.  The "Check Engine" light came on this weekend.  Between "car" stuff and laundry I need to strip my prints (run them throught the press with newsprint to lift off excess ink)  before I print the next color.
Played a few games of Tetris before winding down for the evening. Tired. Tomorrow I prep the other plates.


Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Thanks very much for sharing about your process and what you've learned along the way. Your prints are amazing!

Non-Indigenous Woman said...

Thank you Gloria.