Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Not As I Do", lithograph

This edition is signed and shipped, yeah. 

Well, I am now letting myself breathe just long enough to regroup and prep for 2 editions due Feb 1, 2012 and one more due Feb 15th.  There are two more after those due in April. 

Several people ask me why I do so many portfolios and I guess my answer is it's good for me.  It motivates me to make work and it forces me to think harder to make the portfolio theme my own. I also get to share my work with some amazing printmakers.  I never tire of getting the portfolio and seeing how others interpret the same theme.  Very interesting perspectives as well as incredible skills. Plus, I get to meet so many other people who do what I do.  It's been a great way for me to get my work circulated outside of my small area, too.  Often the portfolios include international artists, some of them have become good friends. 

I still plan to get back into the studio and paint.  I have over 45 framed works that have gone here and there to various shows that are just stacked up in my studio taking up floor space.  You can hardly walk in there. For one of those gifts that make you cry with joy, Andy has agreed to help me clean my painting studio and solve my storage problem as my Christmas present. 

We're both still juice fasting. Sounds shocking for those of you who know me well.  I'm on day 9 and so far feeling great, granted the first 3 days were tough.  I think this is a good thing, we are reading daily and educating ourselves on nutrition.  Andy has always taken a scientific approach to everything he does and is good to have around for verifying facts from several sources and therefore making the best conclusions.  It hasn't kept me from working and I like that.

 Goal for next week is to finalize my concepts for the upcoming editions and to grain 3 stones.  We ordered paper from Daniel Smith for printing but need to get more glassine for storage.

Our neighbors are putting up lights and we're one of the only houses who isn't.  Ah well.

Passed buy my Dennis McNett print and embedded a Mark Ryden postcard someone sent me into the frame.  Forgive me Dennis but I love the contrast.

Well time to get started on today's project, cleanup, prep and sketch!

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