Thursday, December 8, 2011

Organic vegetables, vegetables, vegetables...

Apples, too. and lots of 'em.
Started buying organically grown
(old bag of non-organic were pealed)
Pineapple treat with APPLES and more APPLES!
Who would have ever thought I would have a refrigerator
full of good-for-you produce?

Trying to decide on the best market values in town.
Tried 17th Street Market.  The owner was quite helpful and the prices were good.

Well it's true, A and I are trying to change our bad diet habits.  Thanksgiving was wonderful but over the top. We've been researching a variety of healthier regimens and eventually we both agreed to try a juice fast.  The following day after our juicer arrived we loaded up the refrigerator and started "juicing" our meals.  I am on day 5 and I feel pretty good.  
We have some books that are guiding us though making sure that we don't sacrifice our nutrition.  So far I have found that garlic-based veggie drinks relax and that parsley gives energy.  So when I need to print I make sure that parsley is in the mix.
I think the first 3 days were the hardest and I purposely planned to take it easy those days.  The vegetable I like the least are beets and cabbage but they are very important to include in your diet according to all of the books.  We camouflage the taste with an apple or two. We also add celery or lemon to substitute our cravings for a saltier taste (but not to much celery because of the sodium.
Day four my energy was picking up well. Ive done two print runs since we started this on Dec 3rd.
Please know that I am not advising anyone to do this without consulting with their doctor first.  My husband went to the doctor yesterday and said that he is having less allergy symptoms than usual. He is so much less congested, he is quite excited about the result so far.
Plan to print this afternoon, that should wrap up this print to ship to Murray State in the next 2 days.

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