Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New image drawing on stone.

Just got back from a family reunion in Memphis.  Worked with many 10 family members on relief (lino) hand-pulled prints.  Several of them did very nice work for their first prints. Think I may have recruited a few new printmakers.  Hopefully, this new stone drawing doesn't reference my recent "family reunion". Trying to finish this stone before I leave for artist residency in Chicago.  This print is for a portfolio called "Hate Breeders" organized by Curtis Readel.  The reference is the crazy political climate in my state of Arizona.  The AZ SB 1070, private prison contracts and the cutting back of state funded medical care. Hard subjects, probably going to alienate some with this.
Need to get back to the stone.  Hope everyone is making art, too.

Oxbow Press visit, lithography test

This is one of two stone lithographs that I printed during my visit to Oxbow Press in Reno, Nevada.  I had the great pleasure of working with Anne Hoff who is setting up a new stone lithography studio at Oxbow.  She along with some other Oxbow investors purchased a custom built litho press along with several prime stones (from Gemini Print Studio), graining sink and other misc. litho supplies. 
Over the course of about 5 days, we did several test drives to insure that the equipment was working well.  We printed over 8 small editions, trouble-shooting the press and observing the less toxic paste wax method for a wash out. 
Anne has since then has continued to add new equipment and studio furniture...rebuilt the press bed as well as overseeing some new stone-cutting.  That trip was a lot of serious work but a joy to do.  Loved getting to know Anne better as well as Candace Nicol, Vicki and many others.  Awesome group of printmakers.  If you are in Reno you should check out "Oxbow Press".

"She Can't Not See", lithograph

This is the final print for the "Reflections" portfolio.  It was finished before I left for the Oxbow Press visit.  I used a dark sepia ink, considered color but opted not to.