Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painting Day 2

Day 2 on this painting.  Feel like I'm doing "warm-ups". Think I'll paint more than one at a time.

Painting today

Painted today... A bit rusty. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

bengal kitten...

Every morning we feed our feral studio cats.  You can see the 5 black cats in the background.  Surprisingly we have one that is not like the others.  I think it resembles what they call a bengal cat.  They're enjoying slightly less heat.  We think they have all recovered from the spay and neuter surgeries that the Tucson Humane society so generously performed this summer.  Each of them has a "nicked" ear to indicate that they have had the procedure done.  The trapping was a long ordeal but think it is better for them in the long run not to continue to have more and more kittens. We take the food away after they finish to insure that we do not encourage more ferals into the colony.  By the way I hear a band of howling coyotes as I am writing this.  These ferals seem to be pretty savvy about getting to safety.  However, our colony is 2 less kittens than before. I'd prefer to think that some friendly neighbor adopted them.

Experiment in Drawing

I tried experimenting with Kozo paper.  I wanted to flattened "wrinkled" paper so that I would be able to draw on the textured surface.  These are some of my experiments.  I like the drawings much better unraveled.   On the first one I flattened the surface with my bookpress overnight.  The next day I ironed it flatter. I then drew with Stabilio Aquarelle.  I think the results look much better than the original.  The second drawing I did with pastel and conte.  I also spritzed the folded paper before I ironed the wrinkle to as flat a surface as possible then i left it overnight under a litho stone.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New lithograph...

Detail from litho "key" print.
This is the new print I am working on.  It's called "This I Know".  I can't resist doing more ironing visuals (I just can't help
it). I made a watercolor study to help determine where and what color I will print next.   

I was taught many things by my Mother when I was a little girl.  Some things I haven't done since, such as ironing a man's shirt.  I love the metaphor.  The rattlesnake has turned into something of a "banner".  It symbolizes humanities choice to do good or evil.  Something I believe is inherent in us all.  One side of the mother's face has a celtic warrior tattoo.  Amidst all of the mundane daily chores she managed to survive every day.  The second glove with thread symbolizes "her mother" having taught her to survive, too.

Portfolios BE GONE!!!!!

These are the custom clamshell boxes for "States of the State".  They arrived in 13 boxes (2 each).

I had to retouch all of the foil stamping.

Boxes from 20 artists who sent their original print editions.

They have been in our studio for over a year now.  Argh!!!!!!

As you can see it has taken up quite a bit of space.

 We plan to ship them out tomorrow! Can't wait to get our studio back.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Spilt Milk", lithograph

 This is the last print form my artist residency at Anchor. Size, 30"x22" on Revere paper. A lot of detail.I invited all of the Anchor folks to draw their names and a few other minor details on the desk and the "log" drawings. Sent jpegs to the gallery of prints. Packed up the last of the DPA portfolios. Hope to mail out tomorrow or the day after.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Painting, "Mother and Daughters"

I am trying to get squared away so that I can start painting again.  I was invited to show my work as a guest artist in a wonderful gallery here.  Today I cleaned up the front studio and am preparing to start working in the smaller painting studio.  Hope to do about 10 paintings before Sept 17th when I leave for another artist visit.  A. is working on large paintings for a show and he is also teaching full-time.  His paintings are about 6'x8' and mine are 9"x12". Hope everyone had a good Summer.  Look forward to the cooler weather...very, very busy but who isn't. 

Ivan Albright, “Into the World There Came a Soul Called Ida”

When I went to the Chicago Art Institute I fell under the spell of Ivan Albright. Shown here is a portrait of his Mother, Ida.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marilyn on Michigan Ave.

W. in front of the Marilyn sculpture in Chicago. Nice weekend, walking and seeing windy city scapes.

Chaos at L VIS Press!

I spent the morning going through my prints, clean-up, signing.  My edition is 24 prints... sending 10 back to Chicago. the title of this print is "Spilt Milk".  Wish I had had more time to do color.

Monday, August 15, 2011


This is another small print i did while I was in Chicago.  I worked on the 4 additional colors back at L VIS Press with the help of interns Ashley and Morgan. 

Meeting Karl Wirsum in Chicago...

He was working in the studio at Anchor for the first 2 weeks I was there.  I have loved the "Hairy Who" all of my artistic life, well at least since the early 70s.
I am going to buy this print.
Making a goofy face, but I was quite overwhelmed to be standing next to a "Monster Roster, Hairy Who" classic, KARL WIRSUM!!!!!!!!!!