Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marianne Stokes, artist/painter

 Marianne Stokes, artist/painter, 1855-1927. "St Elizabeth of Hungary Spinning for the Poor", I love her delicate paintings and use of red.

Monday, October 17, 2011

"A State of Graceland", lithograph

No, I haven't lost it...well maybe.  This print is for an upcoming portfolio of "The Fifty States", deadline (due in Colorado by Nov 1 "do or die!!!!!"). I found an image reference online of a southern belle from Tennessee.  Modified the drawing a bit but left some of the composition the same with one obvious exception, Elvis.   Seemed to be the only thing I could come up with for the state of "Tennessee".  Even though Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, he chose Memphis as his home and Graceland was/is a big icon for Tennessee as well as our print studio named L VIS Press.  I am still putting in the "darks" but it is taking too long to build up dark values with a #5 Korn's litho crayon.  Think I am going to add in some punch with a #4 Korns.  Still plan to etch it lightly (maybe #2 with a spot #5).
In addition to the "State of Graceland" print I did this image for the Mesa Contemporary Arts Print Calendar.  It's in my experimental style.  It takes about 1/4 the time to draw and it's fun to break loose from the tight style. Used three different etches, straight gum, 5 drop and a 10 driop for the darker #3 crayon areas. Plan to roll it slow with a really stiff ink. Probably add 2 or 3 colors but may rethink because it is a 60 print run.

I finished the "I Make Prints" drawing as well as the "Mother Daughter".  So there are 4 stones waiting to be printed in the shop.  Still need to tear, register and calendar (flatten the paper on the press) paper for 3 more editions.  Packed up my prints for one of the editions for Murray State.  Time to get to work!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 Stones Grained...

Two of the stones I have almost finished drawing on.  Need to print next week.  I still have two more stone to finish before Monday.  The one of the "Mother and Daughter" is a remake of the image I did recently at Murray State (Kentucky).  I wanted to draw with a finer grit (#280) so I am redoing the image.  By the way, Murray State had some incredible printmaking undergrads.  They were all diverse in their style.  I have no idea how Nicole Hand does it but she teaches EVERY print method thoroughly as well as making her own amazing prints...amazing facilities.  Yeah, that print shop is the jewel of Kentucky.

Sent off my edition to Wales. Had the opening of my show at Davis Dominguez Gallery (think it went well). Saw many friends and sold a few prints.  Also, sent off my works for Michigan City, Walnut Ink Gallery for their Print Invitational and delivered 2 prints to the Bernal Gallery for a printmaking show.

October is a busy month I have 3 editions due.  I drew until 2:30 am last night, think I'll do the same tonight. Wish me luck.