Monday, November 28, 2011

Recycling newsprint...

We use an old Kodak film box for storing large used newsprint (24"x36"), We often use these larger sheets for stripping prints, too. We can strip as many as 6 prints at a time using a larger scraper bar.  We raise the press bed with our slate slab and cover with tympan. I like to run it through the press at least twice (back and forth).  When we finish we put the most recently used newsprint at the bottom of the stack.

These sheet had as many as 5 other print ghosts from previous printings. We separate the newsprint according to size and always remember to put the most recently used sheets on the bottom of the stack before storing. This is just another way that we try to save paper, money and stay a little bit greener in the studio.
Some one recently mentioned to me that we must go through a lot of newsprint at L VIS Press because of "stripping" prints and "backing" sheets during the print run itself. I replied that we have been recycling our newsprint for over 9 years.  We do our best to reuse paper that has had time for the ink to dry (as long as 30 days is advised).  I find it so endearing to see all of the previous images that remain from editions past, things we have printed for ourselves and other artists.  Some of the compounded images are quite interesting with the unplanned overlapping of several editions. I'm sure that many of you probably already do this but I wanted to mention it in case you didn't know.  
I've been sketching up new images for 3 upcoming editions.  So far I think I like one of them.  Argh!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tracciamenti, Interesting artist

 I recently found this work by Italian female artist/Tracciamenti. She studied to be an architect but is not making her living doing that. These dress forms are intriguing and look architectural but feel quite feminine.  You can see more of her work on her website,

Friday, November 25, 2011

"I Make Prints Not Pies", this edition is finished...

I signed and shipped this edition today.

First Pie in over 25 years!Funny

Had fun making this, I rarely cook and made this pie in honor of my recently finished print...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still printing...

4 colors, 2 more to go...
Stripping the prints of wet ink on recycled newsprint, leaving to dry 24 hours.

The studio is a mess, I'm tired but will clean tomorrow.

"Smart" plate for the pinkish color. Drawn and left to set up 24 hrs.

3 colors, 3 more to go.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Found photo...Not the wolf in red riding hood

This image is so unique.  I found it online in a set of unnamed vintage photos. What made them discover this pose and then who decided to photograph it?  My guess is the late 1800s...leasson to me is to always keep my eye open to the unusual and make sure I document.

Red Riding Hood from different perspectives...

Kiki Smith

Jesse Willcox Smith

Don't know who this artist is but this looks like a black and white study for the following color version.

John Everett Millais

Sorry that not all of these visuals are not identified by artist.  I love how this old folk tale has been interpreted time and time again.  I never tire of the little girl getting wise about the wolf (that's the way I see it, but have always been sad about the versions that allow the grandmother to be eaten beforehand). I often revisit old saying and stories used to teach us things.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Two prints at a time...

Getting ready to add color to these two editions. The printing went well, I've been using Graphic Chemical #2244 shop black and so far am quite pleased with it.  It does have a tendency to scum more than the Senefelder's Crayon Black but it is so much easier to "roll out".  Printed my mylar images to help with registration. Today I'm drawing the "Smart" plate for the color blue. Need to juggle the slate slab onto the press bed but one of the big stones is sitting on the hydraulic. Just a bit of a hassle, like musical chairs with heavy stones. I may let the plate "cure" overnight.  We have a guest arriving tomorrow from Japan.  May not be able to print for a few days.  Busy as usual, but the weather is beautiful here so who can complain.

Joseph from Drive By Press was just in town. The WPA at UofA had a special event at Club Congress and he was there to help. He also gave a demonstration and a lecture the day before. Nice...