Tuesday, January 24, 2012

late bloomers...

An Amaryllis on the verge of a giant bloom.  A gift from a good friend.
This stone drawing never ends. Just putting in some "punch" to the details and the blacks.  Needs a lot more contrast.  May skip to a #4 Korns crayon to dense things up a bit.

Tomorrow A and I return to the Tucson CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.  This is the list of produce for tomorrow's pick up: Braising Mix, Broccoli or Cauliflower, Cilantro or Dill, Collard Greens, Golden Beets, Lettuce Heads, Red LaSoda Potatoes, Red Russian Kale or Tendergreens, Shingiku (edible chrysanthemum).  Yum! This is forcing us to branch out in our recipe repertoire but keeps the menu from being boring.  We also start working on the UofA Community Garden Saturday. Hoping to learn some new farming skills, may subscribe to the Farmer's Almanac.

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