Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm printing again...

  Trying to finish this print by Monday.  Two more colors to print, yellow gold and sky blue.

After a long period of not printing due to circumstances out of my control, I'm back in the studio again, YEAH!!!  I have 2 more editions due in April.  Also will try to get another one done before I leave for a trip to Wisconsin, an incredible print school. Really looking forward to working in their shop.  Plus, the added bonus of hanging out with a lot of amazing printmakers.
Andy is printing his edition this am.  We have an agreement that he prints in the mornings at L VIS Press and I print in the afternoons.  It works.  Need to buy some new sponges before I start printing the gold this afternoon.  Our favorite cellulose sponges are from ACE hardware. About 2 months ago I noticed that a student was using rubber sponges and they wondered why their ink wasn't going down smoothly.  I know they were told to get cellulose.  Just a little thing that can make things not work. 

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