Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Stone Whisperer, Melanie Yazzie

It's Spring in our desert.  I am lucky enough to own one of Melanie's magical ceramic animals. 

"Growing Stronger"

"Luna My Favorite"

"Spring Walks in Iowa"

"Pedro Belongs to Nezbah"
This is the work of one of the most influential artists in my life, Melanie Yazzie (I borrowed these images from other sites).  One wonderful day many years ago in Arizona, I had the pleasure of working with her in her studio.  I've NEVER seen someone so fluid and spontaneous! Her lack of inhibition is one of the reasons her work is so beautiful, the color, her invention of magical beings. Her storytelling and iconography give me a glimpse into the feminine mystique of an indigenous woman.  She helped me to see things more clearly, to follow my instincts and not to be afraid to make work. 

Along with her academic titles she is "The Stone Whisperer". This is a true story... but for years I have called her to talk to my litho stone before I print my edition. I actually hold the phone to the stone while she talks to it. 

Melanie goes over the world sharing what she knows with others... so another name I call her is the "Ambassador of Printmaking". She is the main reason I am a printmaker today.

If you're in Santa Fe, New Mexico you can fine her work at the Glenn Green Gallery.
Check out this video of her in action with some students.

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Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration and I love you! You need to know that I love your work so very much and it inspires me to work hard and stay true to myself:)

I miss living close to you all in Tucson!