Thursday, March 8, 2012

Printing the little stone...

I am debating how to set this up on the press.  Because the edges are not very straight the entry under the press becomes a bit of a quandary.  This is the second smallest scraper bar we have. 
Last night, I scratched away a quarter of an inch border and scratched away the nose and mouth of the woman then I etched it with a spot hot etch (15 drop). The extra hot gum etch around the edge of the stone and her face were after I made an overall 4 drop etch (buffed tight).
One strange phenomenon is that we have a gallon of gum arabic that turns a deep purple when you add nitric acid.  I have been using it even though it looks strange at the moment you are etching but dries with that usual brown color.
Wish me luck today.  Plan to print a small edition of about 24.  The final edition is 14.


Camilla Taylor said...

It was super wonderful to finally meet you! I would have been more enthusiastic but I had stayed up till 5 am the night before, nonetheless, I told all my friends that I got to speak with you and how much I love your work.

Non-Indigenous Woman said...

I loved your 2 headed print in that portfolio. What was the title. You are a wonderful artist Camilla!