Friday, May 25, 2012

The reason I'm not printing right now...The print studio and the garden

Cantaloupe and watermelon in our home garden.  This one is surrounded by prickly pear cacti.
Andy and I have been working in our gardens a lot.  The community garden at the University and some minor vegetable plots here at home.  I am finding gardening very challenging but fun at the same time.  The Arizona sun is so severe that we need to build shade awnings for each patch of garden.
Andy's home-made food dehydrator works well in the Arizona sun.

Seedlings from a CSA spaghetti squash.
My painting studio closet
The print studio is packed full of items temporarily taken from my painting studio.
The guest bedroom is storing many framed works...and even my son's matchbox cars

The book studio is also gathering loose items from the painting studio
The studio still has several things that I need to remove
That lit room is an old bathroom that I has a shower converted to storage shelves.
It's Spring Cleaning for me in all the studios. Meanwhile I am having difficulty making art.  In a bit of a quandary about storage, as you can see the painting studio closet is not utilizing space.  Throwing out dried up mediums, paints and other miscellaneous materials. Cleaning as I go.  Need to paint the walls white again.  Need better lighting installed.  We have visitors coming and not sure if I will be finished in time.  One good thing is that I am finding a lot of "missing" items.  Next problem is to learn to let go of things that are not necessary.  I have attachments to too many things and that presents major clutter.

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