Monday, June 25, 2012

Bad prismacolor test

I should mention that this previous prismacolor drawing on the stone didn't work as well as I had hoped.  True confession: I didn't use the brand Prismacolor I used another colored pencil, Lyra Rembrandt.  Big mistake.  Andy said that Prismacolor brand has more wax content and acts as a better resist during the washout with water.  The Lyra pencil lifted up during the washout.

I also remembered two other things I didn't do.  During the first etch with gum Jack Damer patted it dry with a paper towel until the gum payer was quite thin.  I left the gum on to dry without eliminating the excess.  When I did the washout with water several areas of the image disappeared.

I will be graining stones this week and will try this test again following the steps and details more closely. This is the best way for me to learn.  Trial and error.


Lauren said...

I have been experimenting a LOT with prismacolor this summer and it is so weird. I keep trying to make it work because I hate dealing with crayons but I feel like I always lose detail and have terrible problems with areas filling in.

Have you tried it again? I'm curious.

Love your work by the way!

Non-Indigenous Woman said...

Lauren, I haven't had time to experiment much this summer. Still plan to try. I did however get to play with "ball-grained" plates and prisma colors. They work okay with straight gum for an etch. goodluck!