Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden babies...

Our newest watermelon.  About 3 inches, with many more popping up nearby. Hummingbirds and monarchs are loving the squash blossoms.

We thought we over watered the fig tree but today it couldn't look better.  It has lost many leaves during the heat of our summer.

Rain barrels for $24 each, they've been recycled from a local soft drink distributor.
About 5:30 am yesterday we installed gutters along the east facing wall of his large studio. The scarey part is over.  I had to climb a double ladder onto the root top of the big studio.  I have a phobia about heights.   
Later that afternoon we made a great find...six 55 gallon water barrels for our new rainwater harvesting project.  We will have collection systems on 4 parts of the house including the studio.  

I like juggling work tasks but the heat is unbearable during the day, with 100-110 degrees F from noon until 4pm.  So all the yard work is done before and after that time.  My goal is to try and finish my studio cleaning this week during the heatwave.

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