Thursday, June 14, 2012

Litho with Prismacolor pencil

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Jack Damer, a master printer teaching lithography at the University of Wisconsin.  During my visit he showed me several techniques that I had not tried before.  One was to do a drawing on the stone with prismacolor.  He knew that I liked to draw with the Korn's Copal crayon because of the hardness, control and close similarity to drawing with graphite pencil. I had heard of this "prismacolor on the stone" technique but had never seen it demonstrated. 
So today I tried to replicate what I remembered. I drew an image using a black prismacolor pencil on a small "graining" stone.  After the drawing was finished I brushed the drawing with talc (I used baby powder) to harden the drawn image.   This is because the drawing is more delicate than typical tusche or litho crayon drawings.  After brushing off the excess talc I painted a light coat of gum arabic over the drawing.  Jack said to try to eliminate any small bubbles with the tip of your brush.  I am now waiting for it to dry before I do the next step.  If it works I will post the next few steps on this blog. 

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