Thursday, July 12, 2012

New stone started...

After tracing my drawing onto the stone with oxide transfer paper, I paint the margins with gum arabic to make a resist around the border of the drawing.

After I grained my stone with the four grits (#80, #150, #220, #280) and checked for levelness I file the edges to help prevent the edge from taking ink during printing.
It is hot here and I had major procrastination about graining my stone outside.  I decided to grain 2 stone at once.  Getting low on some grits need to order more.  Hope to get this image drawn by Sunday.  The portfolio is due on Aug 1. 

The garden is doing really well despite the relentless heat.  The watermelons started growing first and the cantaloupe are following.  The plot at the University Community garden is really having a burst of growth.  Several new Spaghetti Squash and some more gaya melons.  We also have bell peppers and small persian melons.  Still excited to see the changes from day to day. 

With our desert monsoons starting we have plenty of harvested rainwater to water the new pea gardens.  Rattlesnake beans and 10 " china beans.

The gum arabic border in my stone must be dry by now so I am getting my crayons and materials ready to start.

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