Thursday, August 23, 2012

The prints are drying...

Had a good day printing yesterday (42 prints) .  Used a stiffer ink than usual.  2 parts GC Crayon Black to 1 part Charbonnel Velvet Black. Also, printed the image onto fabric, I added 2 extra rolls of ink to make sure the ink would cover well, plus I water spritzed my fabric so that it would take ink better. Made sure that before I ran it through the press, all of the wrinkles were out.  Any raised areas or wrinkles might cause the stone to break going through the press. I also printed a mylar so that I could use it to register the following color plates.  When inking to print onto the mylar I under ink it (2 less rolls).  Because the mylar is very smooth it needs less ink.  After it is printed I add frosted tape over the registration marks and draw then on with a black finetip pen.  Then I dust it with talc on the wet side to help harden the ink so that I can work with it later.

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