Monday, September 17, 2012

Taeniopoda Eques

Sydney's feels a hint of fall in the air.
She does the rounds and chases the cats out of the garden.
Taeniopoda Eques, Horse Lubber Grasshopper caught in the act!  Such a beauty even if he's munching on our "Rattlesnake Beans".  Found the same grasshopper on our garden plot at the UofA community garden. Think I will start documenting and sketching grasshoppers.  Have noticed so many more things in nature since we started gardening.  Spent yesterday morning planting the new winter garden.  Tucson has 4 planting seasons unlike other areas.


Lisette Chavez said...

Sydney is so cute! My friend and I saw this grasshopper at her place on Friday. I've never seen a grasshopper that's so colorful. We researched it online and saw it was called the Devil's Horse or the Graveyard Grasshopper.

E. Van Meter said...

So sweet, Sydney = )

Mrs. Olivo said...

How's Sydney doing?