Monday, July 30, 2012

Two wonderful artists...saying goodbye to Tucson

This past weekend I had some help printing my latest edition.  It was a bittersweet day, the last time I will see these two young artists for a long while.  Ashley and Mike have been working at L VIS Press for the past two years.  They've helped us print our own work as well as their on.  The good news is that they are both leaving to get their Masters in printmaking (at different schools).  They will be missed.

These old retro sofas...

With a little imagination and some great red upholstery these old sofas would be amazing.  That's what I thought when I bought them back in the late 80's.  A big indicator of how I procrastinate but 30+ years is a bit long to put things off. The frames are wonderful black wrought iron.  I finally decided to give them away.  They are going to s good home.  Two local artists who are always doing amazing "fix-up" stuff.  Their hard work has paid off many times, their home is a cool bungalow in the center of Tucson.  Can't wait to see what they do with these.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goodbye Phil...

The best studio dog ever.   L VIS Press will not be the same without him.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still drawing...

An eerie sunset double rainbow.  The second is not very visible in this photo.

Looking West an amazing light show.
Didn't finish my drawing on the stone but made some more progress.  Had a nice visit with a fellow printmaker (LC).  Going to check out her litho setup next week.  The great news is that we collected a lot of rainwater today.  So glad that the barrels were set up in time for the monsoons.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New stone started...

After tracing my drawing onto the stone with oxide transfer paper, I paint the margins with gum arabic to make a resist around the border of the drawing.

After I grained my stone with the four grits (#80, #150, #220, #280) and checked for levelness I file the edges to help prevent the edge from taking ink during printing.
It is hot here and I had major procrastination about graining my stone outside.  I decided to grain 2 stone at once.  Getting low on some grits need to order more.  Hope to get this image drawn by Sunday.  The portfolio is due on Aug 1. 

The garden is doing really well despite the relentless heat.  The watermelons started growing first and the cantaloupe are following.  The plot at the University Community garden is really having a burst of growth.  Several new Spaghetti Squash and some more gaya melons.  We also have bell peppers and small persian melons.  Still excited to see the changes from day to day. 

With our desert monsoons starting we have plenty of harvested rainwater to water the new pea gardens.  Rattlesnake beans and 10 " china beans.

The gum arabic border in my stone must be dry by now so I am getting my crayons and materials ready to start.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More studio organizing...

I only took up one half wall for a small desk/library/painting supply shelf

All of the portfolios are labeled and organized in my book studio
I dedicated one half of this closet in my book studio to the storage of my print portfolios.  Worried that I don't have much room for expansion.  Planning to get some flat files going in another area.  Most of the over-sized portfolios are already being stored in the print studio.  Also the above desk and shelf area in my painting room is on loan to Andy until he starts to teach the Fall semester.  His air conditioner is out in his studio and we may not get it fixed right away. 

Meanwhile, we're both working in the garden.  Planting hibiscus and some small spider plants. Need to get some stones grained next week and to start on 2 new editions.  I've got a rough sketch for one of my new prints but not sure if I love it yet.  It helps to work outside and to process my ideas.