Saturday, September 22, 2012

"The Smallest Show on Earth"...

6 color lithograph
Final color printing (blue tint-based ink)
Found this Elvis magnet during my recent trip to Memphis.
Red print run
Yellow print run
Finished my last color yesterday.  Printing went well.  This is a non-bleed.  About 1/2" border around the edge. Going to grain a stone today to get ready for another edition. Also we've started harvesting some squash and peppers from the garden.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Printing today, 4th color...

Pulled out this older print to reference for a new print.
Just got a notification that I have another portfolio due before March.  That makes 4 portfolios between now and Feb.  Argh!!!  Wanted to get into the painting studio this year.  I do love printmaking but need to keep my calendar more open next year.
I am printing my 4th color today.  I should have 2-3 colors left to do after this.  Love this weather!!!!

Taeniopoda Eques

Sydney's feels a hint of fall in the air.
She does the rounds and chases the cats out of the garden.
Taeniopoda Eques, Horse Lubber Grasshopper caught in the act!  Such a beauty even if he's munching on our "Rattlesnake Beans".  Found the same grasshopper on our garden plot at the UofA community garden. Think I will start documenting and sketching grasshoppers.  Have noticed so many more things in nature since we started gardening.  Spent yesterday morning planting the new winter garden.  Tucson has 4 planting seasons unlike other areas.