Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Print for portfolio WMN:MKE

Final print ready to sign and ship (size 15"x 18")

 WMN: MKE, Portfolio Statement

Women live roles today such as mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, partners, teachers, mentors, role models, friends, activists, leaders, caretakers and makers. Every person has come into contact with a woman who has significantly impacted their lives. In the spirit of equality, coordinators Caroline Battle, Dana LeMoine and Rachel Nore have asked a variety of women and men to come together to create a set of prints that shine a spotlight on progressive women who have supported them as individuals and by doing so have promoted gender equality for future generations.

WMN:MKE is a portfolio of 7 women and 7 men who draw on an experience where a woman in their life has encouraged them to make. It could range from a fond memory of learning to bake cookies to receiving some essential life advice about making peace during a trying time. Whatever it may be, these prints are homages to important women in our lives who have taught us and supported us in making.

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Lisette Chavez said...

This print is AMAZING!