Monday, March 18, 2013

Variations based on an original substrate image

I am having a ball hand-tinting these black and white prints of Non-Indigenous Women.  I just got out my microns and started doodling on top of my edition.  I'm having a child-like experience remembering coloring books and how much fun they were. The BFK takes watercolor well.  Changed over from white to creme BFK.  The print with the white background has only been hand-tinited but not drawn back into. Going to sign them tonight.  Meanwhile, we are having incredible weather right now and the garden is still producing great kale, carrots, beets, lettuce and now beans.


Hannah March Sanders said...

These look great! So many variations... what fun! Hope to see you at SGC

Lisette Chavez said...

I can't even say which one is my favorite because I love them all! <3

Stevie said...

These are beautiful