Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lost Painting

Not sure where I put this painting.  Think I may have painted over it.  I do that sometimes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sketching for new edition...

This drawing needs a lot more work but has some potential.  I will have to develop the composition better.

The delivery man is an artist, too...

The UPS man was delivering some prints today and passed by the 2 stones that I'm getting ready to grain outside on the carport near the side door.  He commented as he handed me a package, "would you like me to tell you what I see here?"  He was looking at experimental drawings on the stones. He said that it looked like a woman was having a dream. He also told me that he's an artist, too.  Nice encounter. Hope he finds time to make more art, too.

Playing with color...

Used watercolor over previously printed lithograph.  BFK works well with watercoloring over a preprinted image.  Other cheaper papers get too blotchy in the process.

Drawing the Red Plate

Using a light table, I am drawing onto a on a "Smart" plate with a black sharpie. I'm using a printed mylar of my stone image underneath to help me see where to draw. This will be for printing the red color.

Hibiki Miyazaki

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Still sketching ideas for next two editions. Playing with a looser drawing style and more mark making.

Meanwhile in the garden...

The new plot (approx 9' x 18').   We're going to attempt to grow corn this Spring.  Andy's turning the soil to loosen about 2 feet deep.  Later he will add some compost and soil supplements.  Apparently corn is hard to grow here and you need a lot of area in order for the corn to pollinate with the wind.

Working on the next edition due NOW.  Argh! Hope to print this one on Saturday.


Not sure where this photo originated but love the obvious metaphors for women and manufactured beauty.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We've turned over a new leaf (Kale)

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules began with his hunch that the wisdom of our grandparents might have more helpful things to say about how to eat well than the recommendations of science or industry or government. Illustrated by artist Maira Kalman
Spinach/artichoke pasta with mushrooms, yellow squash, tomatoes and KALE.  Yum. Some of you may already know about this wonderful combination but this was our first time. 
This is our one year anniversary of a 180 degree change in lifestyle.  
1) NO PROCESSED FOOD: No dairy milk or cheese with the exception of small amounts of pecorino and small amounts of organic butter for flavor.
2)CSA: We joined our local Community Supported Agriculture and have a weekly pickup
4) WATERHARVESTING: We installed 6 barrels to retrieve rainwater during our monsoon season.
5) HOME VEGETABLE GARDEN:  Started with a melon patch, dug two more plots for the winter garden and this year are planting a corn garden.  Gets us outside a lot and is wonderful exercise.
6) COMPOSTING: Learned a lot about the dos and don'ts of composting
7) RESEARCHING: Indigenous heirloom plants of that grow well in Arizona, growing our own seedlings, finding non-boring recipes that broaden our understanding of the variety of plants available during each season.
8) DRIED BEANS: They have been a major part of our ongoing diet. Turtle beans and black-eyed peas are our favorites.  Favorite spices are Cumin, tumeric, cilantro, coriander and some fresh peppers from the garden for a nice kick.
9) CANNING: Purchased a serious canning cooker and have started preparing food for those out of season months.  My favorite is the Curried Apple Chutney
10) NEW, THE CHICKEN COOP: This is our latest project.  Will keep you posted on the project
11) NEW, More rain gutters and rainbarrels
12) PICKING PRODUCE AT LOCAL FARMS: Apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
13) DESSERT in the DESERT: Our sweet tooth has turned to 80% dark chocolate. 
We have been reading Michael Pollan's books (thanks Woodie and Jennifer) and growing in his wisdom and philosophy about food. 
We feel better and have shed some pounds.  Plus, working on projects together has been a real boost to life in general.  It's also nice to take a break from working in the studio.  Digging in the garden is a great way to process our art.  Bottom line...2012 was a pretty good years for the Polk's.  Here's wishing all of you a great New Year in 2013.

Print for portfolio WMN:MKE

Final print ready to sign and ship (size 15"x 18")

 WMN: MKE, Portfolio Statement

Women live roles today such as mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, partners, teachers, mentors, role models, friends, activists, leaders, caretakers and makers. Every person has come into contact with a woman who has significantly impacted their lives. In the spirit of equality, coordinators Caroline Battle, Dana LeMoine and Rachel Nore have asked a variety of women and men to come together to create a set of prints that shine a spotlight on progressive women who have supported them as individuals and by doing so have promoted gender equality for future generations.

WMN:MKE is a portfolio of 7 women and 7 men who draw on an experience where a woman in their life has encouraged them to make. It could range from a fond memory of learning to bake cookies to receiving some essential life advice about making peace during a trying time. Whatever it may be, these prints are homages to important women in our lives who have taught us and supported us in making.

Smart Plates in order of printing...

Light blue plate (second printing after key black)
Pink plate (third printing)
Yellow tint tan (fourth printing)
Dark blue plate (last printing)