Saturday, August 31, 2013

Robert Rivers

Robert Rivers (American, born 1946), "The Promised Land", 2010-2012 Mixed media on paper
I love this piece.  Haven't really heard of Robert Rivers before.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Matthew Pratt (1734-1805)

File:Mrs Elias Boudinot, attributed to Matthew Pratt (1734-1805).jpg
Matthew Pratt, Love these images.  I love "stiff" people paintings.

Friday, August 23, 2013

"The Tornado Handler"

I finished the print I had started at Frogman's this summer. It ended up being 6 colors.  In a twitter photo Heather Bryant referred to this key drawing on the stone as "The Tornado Handler" and I have chosen to title the edition that.  Thanks Heather, she's pretty amazing with her own work, too.  It was so great to get to really hang out with her at Frogman's.
"The Laugh", Heather Bryant

"Secrets of a Cactus Wren"

This is the final print for the Women of the West portfolio organized by Lisette Chavez and Nyla Hurley.  I decided not to do a lot of color.  Just the black key and a tint base flat.
This is my artist's statement for the edition

“Secrets of a Cactus Wren”

I brought my hopes and dreams to the desert. Today, I rest my soul in a nest of visual
metaphors from the past to the present. The cactus wren mentors me with her innate tenacity to thrive in any environment. 
                —Kathryn Polk