Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mary Jones!!!!!!!

I've loved Mary Jones work since I first met her at Indiana University in 1973.  She was in grad school.  The innocent spirit of her drawings has always touched my heart.

Here is a statement from her website. Mary Jones Art

It starts with a figure, cartooned and malleable. This body is mired in the landscape of the mind. I live in a body but believe in the mind.The mind's eye might not be the most immanent of truths, yet it is free to associate and unbound by time.Magic happens there. A set of personal symbols, with meanings free-floating, has evolved over time.

I am a schooled artist drawn to the work of outsiders for the immediacy, and for the lyrical quality found in the lines. Many of my pieces are done ex-voto.

Paul Klee is an inspiration. So are sequential narratives of all sorts- illuminated manuscripts and comics.

It started with drawing, but I didn't learn to see until I started taking pictures long ago with a very manual camera. I still see in black and white. As with most printmakers, I don't mind process, old (letterpress) and new (photoshop!) and all mixed up. Drawing still comes first.