Saturday, November 23, 2013


Our dog Sydney an Aussie/Coyote mix died yesterday.  She would hang out in the studio as we printed.  This is a photo of a litho I did a while ago.  The title was "Bow Now", she was the alpha and had a personality bigger than anyone in the room.  She will be missed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Visiting Artist edition at OU (Athens, Ohio)

"Rising from the Ashes", stone and plate lithography
Just returned from Athens, Ohio where I was invited to be a visiting artist at OU for the last week in October.  Incredible place, the students, faculty and the facilities were excellent.  Plus, it was Halloween season and there were lots of parties. Apparently Athens is the capitol of Halloween celebrations. Work hard play hard, my kinda place.
In addition to the talented students I got to hang out with two of the country's best master printers, Karla Hackenmiller and Art Werger.  Felt like I needed to step up my game around such great ones.  Their students were so talented in their own right as well as amazing to help print this 6 color edition in 4 days.  Two of those days we printed 2 colors.  We stripped the prints between runs and did a "dry wet" sponge on our last rolls.  Big kudos to Ohio University printmakers, had a blast and feel great about the work we did together.

"Crossing Paths", portfolio Exchange

This is a print that I finished about a month ago.  It was for a portfolio "Crossing Paths" curated by Melanie Yazzie.  The title of my print is "Double Cross".  I did a double bump of the "key" stone drawing.  The first printing was black and the second was a dark tan tint base.  Michael Barnes does this a lot with his lithos (very successfully I might add but he is a genius).  I love the effect but probably should use Pin registration next time to insure accuracy in registration.  The T-Bar isn't quite "spot on".

New Stone Drawing

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I misplaced my quick camera (just found it near the printer under a pile of stuff).  Starting a new stone drawing for a small edition of 25 prints.  The theme of the portfolio exchange is about "Sex and Gender".  Hope to finish my drawing and etch it tonight then print Thursday.  Busy, busy, busy.  Need to order grit and Korn's crayons today.

Even though my subject is about cross-dressing genders, I must say after I was well into this drawing I saw a BIG influence from Joe Coleman's painting, "Mommy Daddy" (see above).  Think it was lurking in my head all along.  Well, here's homage to Joe Coleman, I've always loved Outsider Art.

Still shipping out portfolios on top of everything.  Will be great to get my studio back. The retrofitting of old boxes takes a long time and the boxes don't look very safe to ship. So I finally broke down and ordered better boxes to ship "The Hidden Room" portfolios along with bubble pack.  This should make the remaining shipping go faster.