Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Mommy and Daddy Wear the Same Size" lithograph

Sorry about the bad photo but in a hurry.  Packed up 26 pieces for a show in Dallas and shipped this afternoon, hurah!!!!
This is the last print I did.  It's based on a stylized painting by Joe Coleman called "Mommy and Daddy".  I wanted to "switch it up" by indicating Mommy and Daddy cross-dressing.  It's six colors using Hanco #1075 tint base and Daniel Smith litho inks.  The color on my pic looks a bit dull here.  The theme of the portfolio is called "Gender Biased".  I'm really trying to point out that society and the media have been brainwashing people into stereotypical roles for hundreds of years.  How strange it is that men and women's clothing in the white collar work place has evolved to limit gender to very specific types of "acceptable" appearance.