Friday, March 21, 2014

NIU Visitng Artist...

This is the final print made during my visit to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. Walking around campus in below freezing weather was hard on my Southwestern blood.

More master printers, Michael Barnes and Ashley Nason (wow, wow, wow!!!!).  They both make fascinating narrative prints that I have admired for years.

Michael's prints are quite humorous and dark (just my cup of tea).  He's so prolific, too.  Someone to admire for his insatiable drive to make work. Great litho techniques (the European roll, etc). 

Ashley's work is so luminous and eerie.  It glows with mystery all the things I'm attracted to in art.
She comes up with such fascinating compositions and landscapes.
I could see firsthand how the students really benefit from these two mentors.  Great student work (both grad and undergrad level).

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