Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lithography in Mexico (Oaxaca at the Taller Tamayo)

We had so much fun teaching lithography in Mexico at the Taller Tamayo. I drew on marble for the  first time.  The etches were really tricky but we chased after it with gum arabic.  You had to be there to understand why marble is so different from  the Bavarian limestone. The good news is we learned a whole lot about new processes in lithography.  Maestro Abraham showed us many things that we had never seen done in lithography.  Apparently because supplies for printmaking are more difficult to acquire in Mexico, they have neen forced to be more resourceful. So there were several substitutions for processes.

We had a lot of fun working with the students and they produced some great work. The food was incredible and the historical culture was amazing. We're hoping to teach there again next year.

Thought my clay hand-painted skull from Oaxaca matched this small chest from India perfectly.

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