Friday, March 21, 2014

NIU Visitng Artist...

This is the final print made during my visit to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. Walking around campus in below freezing weather was hard on my Southwestern blood.

More master printers, Michael Barnes and Ashley Nason (wow, wow, wow!!!!).  They both make fascinating narrative prints that I have admired for years.

Michael's prints are quite humorous and dark (just my cup of tea).  He's so prolific, too.  Someone to admire for his insatiable drive to make work. Great litho techniques (the European roll, etc). 

Ashley's work is so luminous and eerie.  It glows with mystery all the things I'm attracted to in art.
She comes up with such fascinating compositions and landscapes.
I could see firsthand how the students really benefit from these two mentors.  Great student work (both grad and undergrad level).

Print Matrix at University of Dallas...

My litho that the students printed at University of Dallas.
This is Juergen Strunck in action as a visiting artist at the University of North Texas
I had the privilege of working with Juergen Strunck (a world-renowned master printer) and his team of grad and a few undergrad students at The University of Dallas.  This is an annual event called Print Matrix and I was honored to be invited by artist Coco Rico who recently had her MFA thesis exhibit. A great lithographer in her own right. Check out her work.

New Print


This is the lithograph I made during my visiting artist trip to TAMUCC in Corpus Christi.  So much fun. Plus, a one-person show at the Weil Gallery, thanks to Dr. Petican curator and Ryan O'Malley for inviting me.  

Ryan O'Malley is a printmaker/guru extraordinaire. He makes beautiful mezzotints, etchings, relief prints and lithographs all equally well.

High high energy. Both grad and undergrads were so talented.  Work examples were hanging up everywhere, a very high energy shop overall, great vibes.

One of Ryan's wonderful wild protraits.

Strange woman sketch...

Plan to make a polyester plate of this line drawing today.  May hand-tint some of these before SGC.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sketching for new portfolios...

The theme of this portfolio is dealing with "Trash" as a theme.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's been so long since I've posted.  February was a hectic month for me.  This is a print I recently finished for a portfolio curated by Sylvia Taylor and the Cork printmakers. "Deception & Sacrifice: The Lion, Bear & the Fox".  Working on a new one title "Body of Christ", a portfolio curated by Ricardo Duiz from Corpus Christi.