Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Litho can be a "tough love"...testing testing, 1..2

Great trip to Minnesota as a guest artist of "Bohemian Press".  Worked with two ultra fabulous printmakers at the University of Minnesota, Edie Overturf and Jenny Schmid!!! Great group of undergrad printmakers and two very special grad students (Brittany and Dillon).

Had a strange thing happen in the middle of pulling the "key" stone drawing.  Decided to change the image somewhat and ended up splitting the edition.  I brought home one half of the prints to finish up before the end of this semester.  The problem is that I can't decided how I want to finish up this print.  This past two years I have been loving "plaid".  So option one is plaid and option two is a solid tint base background.  I keep changing my mind but have decided that I will decide one way or another tomorrow!  Someone commented on Instagram that the plaid was too busy.  I think I agree with that.  Maybe there's a time and a place for place and perhaps I should hold off until the right opportunity comes to use it again.

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