Friday, April 3, 2015

Pen and Ink Drawing

How therapeutic to doodle on this all day.  Used the #005 blue micron pen on tint-washed sketchbook paper.  I find that the tint washed paper gives a nice surface to draw onto and it makes the drawing have a better aesthetic for me.

Hand-tinted lithograph

This is a hand-tinted litho that I printed while I was at Brookhaven College in Dallas.  The key drawing was done on a ball-grain plate.

Graphite sketch

Pen and Ink sketches

Still enjoying the pen and ink work.  Tried using limited palette on this series.

Sketch in Red, Black and White

Thinking that this image would translate well to a litho made with Smartplates.

Pen and Ink sketches...

Enjoying working with the Micron #005 color pens.  They work well on the cover weight paper combined with watercolor washes.

Sketching everyday...

 Prismacolor drawing. I seem to be going between 2 sketchbooks these days.  I am gravitating to my most recent purchase of the Strathmore 11"x14" mixed media sketchbook.  The paper is heavier and supports washes much better.  However the smaller sketchbook is good for looser ideas and I seem to be less precious with it because the paper is not a great quality paper (less intimidating).