Thursday, September 17, 2015

Recent lithograph...

This print has been shipped.  It's headed to DeKalb first, then on to China.  Part of an international portfolio curated by Paul Croft from Wales.

Big tip, don't give anything a long long title unless you don't mind writing a lot.  The title of this piece is "The Eye Does Not See What the Mind Does Not Know".  I had to write it 35 times for this edition of 35.

Even though it is too subtle to see in my photograph, there are 3 colors in this print.  I started with the ball-grain key (black).  Next I printed a soft tint-based blue and then the big flat square cut to the background.

I made textures on the plate with gum arabic, tusche and rolled up cheesecloth and black ink. Wasn't sure what I would get because of all the layers in the original drawing.  So fingers crossed I forced myself to let go and embrace the unknown.  I think I might like the more tactile result.  However time will tell.

Taliesin West detour

Last week when we were in Phoenix we decided to take a quick tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West despite the heat (don't forget it's Arizona). 
Check out how the glass window is cut to accommodate the shape of this ceramic piece!  Wild.
One thing that became very clear to me was that the height of almost all of the rooms were designed for people under 5'8" height.  How tour guide said that Wright was very short.  The furniture was pretty cool to see, we saw most of the original chairs, tables, and furniture designed for the space. There were still people working in the classroom/studio...probably my favorite area.  We weren't able to stay long in there so I don't have a good photo to show you.
Pretty cool bathroom even though it was a bit cramped.  He seemed more into the gathering areas and less about the individual sleeping and bath accommodations.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pinocchio watercolor...

It's fun to do quick stuff.  When my brain is tired and I can't think of any "incredibly-clever" (haha) concepts I just paint or draw anything that's nearby. 

It was nice to find this little sketchbook I had stashed away a while ago after a trip to Italy. I gave this little watercolor to Eliot.

Sketch for end of Summer...

Silly sketch with Ritz Cracker hair, a radial glow and a giant slice of watermelon.

I've decided that I really like pink.  I fought it for years.  The color that society determined is the color to indicate "girl".  Because there were two girls in our family, my parents often gave us different colored dresses or toys.  It seemed that my older sister would get the pink dress and I would get the blue. 
Anyway, I love how placid it makes me feel. 

I also love reminds me of summer... my parents would get watermelons that were HUGE. Now they are purposely grown smaller.  I first noticed this when I visited China about 10 years ago.  There would be cartloads of small watermelons everywhere.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sorry about the dark photo.  I've been organizing my sketches recently.  Hard to do because I get so distracted and want to stop and draw into old stuff,  for example above pix.  I did a graphite drawing a while back...later put on some walnut ink washes and played around with a wet #9 sable brush.  I love how that ink breaks down again and again when you add water. Today I dropped in the spot red colors.  These are two details of a bigger drawing.

Jim Nutt, "Coming Into Character", book

I also purchased this books of Jim Nutt.  It's mostly the portraiture of women but it did have some of his painted-plexi-glass paintings.  I found this book and the Hairy Who DVD to be highly inspiring.  I am really enjoying sketching in the studio again after a long 3 month hiatus.

I got my Hairy Who and the Chicago Imagists DVD!!!

The DVD came in a small pack.  It included a small poster, 2 flip books, a brief descriptive sheet and of course the DVD.  It was so informative.  It helped to clarify all of the groups of Chicago Imagists for me. 
I loved seeing Karl Wirsum, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, H.C. Westermann, Ed Pasche and many other artists that I wasn't aware of (but will be from now on!).

I recommend this DVD 100%.  I purchased it on Amazon.  It is put together by Pentamenti Productions.