Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lithography Workshop at Penland!!!!!!

Penland Summer Session 2016 Catalog

I am so EXCITED that Andy and I will be co-teaching at Penland during Summer Session I, May 29th-June 10, 2016.  I've heard incredible things about Penland for most of my artist-life.  What's the plan?.. to have a love fest with stone litho. Andy's an incredible teacher/master lithographer (he taught me, and I'm the worst student ever!).  I also noticed that ALL of the summer sessions have cool printmakers teaching, too (Sage Perrott, Althea Murphy-Price, Lisa Bulaswsky and some others).  Can't wait to get back to the North Carolina landscape (I used to live in Winston-Salem).  Check out Penland campus and print studio go to Can't wait to hang out with all these artists!

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