Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lithography Workshop at Penland!!!!!!

Penland Summer Session 2016 Catalog

I am so EXCITED that Andy and I will be co-teaching at Penland during Summer Session I, May 29th-June 10, 2016.  I've heard incredible things about Penland for most of my artist-life.  What's the plan?.. to have a love fest with stone litho. Andy's an incredible teacher/master lithographer (he taught me, and I'm the worst student ever!).  I also noticed that ALL of the summer sessions have cool printmakers teaching, too (Sage Perrott, Althea Murphy-Price, Lisa Bulaswsky and some others).  Can't wait to get back to the North Carolina landscape (I used to live in Winston-Salem).  Check out Penland campus and print studio go to Can't wait to hang out with all these artists!

New Litho...

Drawing on stone so far...MUST print ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This image is based on a UFO sighting that happening in the late 80s in Texas.  We were camped at a KOA camp near Midland and Odessa.

Teaching litho this semester...

Starting with some easier steps for lithography class. The plan is to cover polyester plate for about 3 weeks and then start on stone lithography.  I'm hoping this keeps them from being overwhelmed by everything.  This way they learn about the equipment, paper, registration, mixing ink and the basic print shop materials.  I was always so overwhelmed by all of these things and on top of that having to learn stone lithography (etching the stone, and tusche washes, etc).

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New stone drawing...

I just got a month long extention for this portfolio!!!!! Yippee!!!!! Need to redo my red oxide transfer paper.  Too thick.  Too late but tried to lesson the thickness of it with wiping lightly with a webril wipe.  Need to draw some age into her, she's supposed to be a wild crone.

Crazy profiles...

Think I'm going to play with these.  Will try some Smart plate prints maybe black key drawing and then add color with flats (sharpie) and some fused toner using tint based color ink.