Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine 3

I've been going through some old drawings and modifying them to indicate Valentine's.  Has turned into a challenge with some of the existing images but this one was fun to play with.  I actually think it looks better than before..

Valentine 2

Added a tiny heart in the center of this speech balloon.

Valentine 1

Old drawing made new with the add on hearts for eyes.  I only have eyes for litho.

Lithography is a fickle Muse...

The plan was to print today...  Calendared my paper and mixed my ink.  Thought I would print the key in dark blue.  The final drawing looks slightly different from this mockup.

Disaster!!!!!!! after Disaster!

Because I used different techniques for the sky, my etch posed a major problem.

Out of frustration I moved the stone outside and grained the image off the stone.  I do this sometimes as a knee jerk reaction when I don't like something.  Wasn't meant to be I suppose.  Litho kicked my A_s today...