Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Blind Faith", Lithograph

This is the final print from an edition during my visit to East Carolina University.  The title is "Blind Faith". The students helped me print the black key from the stone there at ECU and later I printed the remaining colors at L VIS Press using photo litho plates and tintbase inks.

"Ever After", lithograph

This is the print that I recently made with the help of WPA (Wildcat Print Association) at University of Arizona.  It has 6 printed colors and 1 spot blue hand tint on the eyes.  The "key" was printed with black ink (GC#2244) from the stone.  For the background was I counter etched the stone and printed a tab tintbase ink.  The red lips were hand burnished polyester plate. The remaining colors were drawn on velvet tone mylar and rubylith masks exposed to a photolitho plate. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

David Hughes, Artist

I believe this picture is a self portrait of David Hughes.  According to Wikipedia he was born in Twickenham, UK. I love to see his work.  Beautiful lines with pen and ink, watercolor (I'm guessing) or gouache.  My guess is that he draws with whatever he pleases and more often than not gets exquisite results.