Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Burning Sage", Lithograph

My apologies for the terrible photograph but the studio has been turned upside down and I grabbed this with my IPhone. Rushed to get this print done, way past deadline.  I felt so guilty to be late but they were understanding.  This is an edition I created for the Appalachian Elegy, Bell Hooks portfolio curated by Nicole Hand.  The image and symbols represent my paternal grandmother.  She was born in Appalachia (Southeast Tennessee) and lived on a farm in the hills.  It was a very hard-working Irish immigrant family clan.

"The Innate Thread", Lithogrpah

This is the final print from the edition I printed with the help of students at The University of Akron.  Hard work for about 4 days, the students and printmaking faculty were so fantastic!!!!!!